vtigerCRM-Spain::Forecast and Budget Control

Plan a whole range of budgeting target against each Salesman / product / period based on potential Closed Won

Forecasting provides real-time insight for tracking the sales against opportunities, which helps the organization to fine-tune the sales process. For sales managers, forecast feature provides an overall picture of the company's sales pipeline, as well as those of individual staff performance. Sales representatives can use forecasting to meet/exceed quotas assigned to them and in turn increase company profits.



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Additional Information

This module has been created to automatically control the sales against three values: quota (minimum amount of sales permitted), committed (amount of sales negotiated with the sales person) and best case.

Once configured the values will automatically be calculated and saved in their corresponding field for future reporting with no additional work to be done by the users or managers. Each user will simply have to follow through with his potentials to get his forecast calculated in each defined period.

The available fields to define the a forecast make it very flexible. Year, frequency and period are mandatory. These three fields define the grouping of the opportunity totals. For example, if we want to control the first semester of 2012, we will create a forecast with the values, 2012, semester, 1 (first period). Once this has been created, each time we save an opportunity in state closed won with closed date inside the first semester it's amount will be accumulated into this forecast record.

We can easily create other forecasts for overlapping periods and all of them would be calculated, so we could set two quarterly forecasts and goals and a global forecast for the semester and all of the values would be calculated and associated accordingly to the correct forecast.

On the forecast record we will find all the associated opportunities separated by months for easy access to the related information

The forecast module permits us to fine tune our company's goals more precisely. We can indicate that we want to control the sales on a per user base. In this case, not only would we get the opportunity sales in the indicated period but the application will accumulate only the sales of that user. So we could have a forecast for each of our users in different periods.

Additionally we can also configure the forecasting to accumulate based on product categories. Each forecast record shares the product category picklist so we can accumulate sales based on specific products.

We also have a version of this extension where you can select the exact product, not the category. We also have a version that works with services

We have modified the reporting system to establish the relations on the forecast module permitting limited reporting capabilities within the vtiger CRM application.

The next two images show the configuration fields and options in the product category based version:

The next two images show the detail view of a forecast record and it's relation with the opportunities:

Here we see the list view:

This extension is almost completely vtlib compatible except for the modifications in the reporting system.

The price of the extension includes installation and limited support.

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